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Here, it's all about exploration, experimentation, and seamless collaboration


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Art Direction

Motion Graphics

Interactive Design

Copenhagen based digital designer pushing

pixels and boundaries, as well as seamlessly

blending UX/UI design with effective

communication and motion.

At the heart of it all, I'm just here to make the internet a
prettier place, one concept at a time.

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I work with innovative solutions to craft user-friendly, refined experiences through a blend of passion, curiosity and excitement.

Expect a journey where clarity meets complexity, and art meets precision.

I'm your go-to guy for unique layouts and interactive design.



I'm on a quest to create digital experiences that go beyond mere functionality – we're talking delightful, engaging, and downright purposeful. Because, let's be honest, the internet deserves more than the bare minimum. Let's make it memorable!



Branding isn't just about recognition; it's about leaving an emotional fingerprint on your audience. It's the sizzle to your steak, and I'm here to make sure your brand's presentation is nothing short of legendary.



Motion Graphics is where visuals throw a party. I specialize in bringing your ideas to life, adding that extra oomph to your brand or project. Animated graphics with a side of storytelling? Consider it done.



Webflow is my playground for crafting seamless online experiences. Think visually stunning websites that not only catch eyes but also work like a charm. Attention to detail? You bet. Your online presence deserves a standing ovation.

Freelance designer

2020 Dec — Present

Digital Designer

Today Studio®

2020 Dec — Present

Co-Founder & Designer

Hunting Graphics™

2022 — 2023

Creative Consultant


2022 Sep — -2023 Jan

Art Directror

Milk Studio®

2021 Aug — 2022 Oct

Design & Business


2020 — 2022

Multimediadesign & Communication


2020 — 2022

In the design game, I'm all about pushing boundaries and giving the status quo a little side-eye. Creativity isn't meant to be boxed in – it's a wild, untamed beast, accessible to all.

In my design groove, respect and love for others take center stage. Diversity isn't just celebrated; it's the secret sauce to creating designs that resonate with everyone. Because, let's face it, great designs are for every soul, not just a select few.

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Digital Design

Crafting digital experiences that leave lasting impressions

Art Direction

Transforming ideas into captivating visual stories


Seamless, responsive, and pixel-perfect

Motion Graphics

Bringing your brand to life through dynamic visuals