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Interactive HTML

Digital advertising

Imagery by Polestar and Edithouse

Polestar who is known for its innovative approach, aimed to elevate their digital marketing efforts by creating interactive and visually striking banner ads.

Polestar (an electric vehicle brand known for its innovative approach), aimed to elevate its digital marketing efforts by creating interactive and visually striking banner ads. These ads needed to align seamlessly with Polestar's minimalist branding while incorporating the innovative "Midscroll" format for engaging user experiences.

Polestar Brandguide
Polestar Brand


Delving into Polestar's design ethos, I immersed myself in their world of sleek, sustainable luxury.

The task was to develop HTML banner ads that would not only catch the eye but also offer interactive elements to hold user attention, all while embodying the futuristic feel of Polestar's electric vehicles.

Credit: Kylsch


To meet Polestar's objectives, I thoroughly studied their brand guidelines and design principles. I leveraged HTML animations and transitions to captivate users' attention while emphasizing the sleek and futuristic design of Polestar electric vehicles.


Leveraging Google Web Designer, I spearheaded the creation of these ads. Selecting imagery that showcased Polestar's vehicles' elegance was crucial.

I focused on delivering animations that were smooth and consistent with the brand's ethos of minimalism and sustainability.

Polestar Google Designer

Key Features

The "Midscroll" format was both a novelty and a challenge, requiring precise timing of animations to ensure smooth user scrolling.

Through a combination of CSS animations and Google Web Designer tools, I crafted a seamless and immersive scrolling experience.

Interactive Hotspots

Engaging users by providing interactive elements within the ad.

Real-time Updates

Keeping the content fresh and relevant.


Encouraging user interaction and further exploration.


The interactive banners yielded impressive results, significantly outperforming traditional static ads in click-through rates. The minimalist design resonated with the audience, enhancing Polestar's brand perception as a purveyor of sustainable luxury.

The successful integration of the "Midscroll" format was particularly noted for its innovative approach to user engagement.This collaboration underscored Polestar's commitment to merging luxury with sustainability, further cementing their position as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle market.

The project was a testament to the power of combining minimalist design with cutting-edge digital advertising techniques.

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