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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Copenhagen, UNA Design Group stands as a beacon of innovative digital branding. With a focus on crafting attention-grabbing digital solutions, UNA embodies the spirit of contemporary design and strategic thinking.

At the heart of Copenhagen's creative pulse, UNA Design Group emerges as a hub of digital innovation and branding excellence. My internship here wasn't just a role; it was an opportunity to shape a brand's digital heartbeat.

Redefining a Brand

As an intern at UNA, I was presented with an exhilarating challenge: to spearhead the redesign and launch of UNA’s brand identity.

The task was multi-dimensional, encompassing graphic design, photography, video production, and dynamic social media content creation - a spectrum of tasks to breathe new life into their brand.

Crafting the UNA Ethos: A Design Philosophy

Tasked with the redesign and launch of their brand, I aimed to blend minimalism with boldness to echo the city's dynamic energy, creating a digital identity that resonates with the future of branding.

Minimalism Meets Boldness

The vision for UNA was clear – a minimalist aesthetic intertwined with bold elements to capture and resonate with their target audience. The design needed to be clean yet striking, a balance between sophistication and a daring edge.

Urban Pulse

Inspired by the city’s pulsating energy, I sought to infuse this essence into UNA’s brand. The aim was to reflect the city's dynamism, creativity, and forward-thinking attitude.

Signature Red

A key aspect of the brand identity was the incorporation of UNA's passionate signature red hue. This color was chosen for its power to make a statement, standing out in the digital landscape and symbolizing the group's drive and determination.

The Transformation: Bringing the Vision to Life

A Visual Journey: The new brand identity was more than a design – it was UNA’s story, told through every chosen color, shape, and font.
Narrating Through Lens: The photo and video narratives crafted under my direction were not just visuals but stories that spoke of UNA’s innovative spirit.
Digital Storytelling: With a focused social media strategy, the narrative of UNA's creativity was shared, engaging and inspiring the digital audience.

The Ripple Effect: UNA's New Dawn

The launch of UNA's new brand was a testament to the power of thoughtful design. The rejuvenated brand identity led to a surge in digital engagement, marking a successful repositioning in the digital branding sphere.

A Designer's Reflection: Growth and Insights

This journey with UNA was a deep dive into the essence of digital branding. It was more than a project; it was an enriching experience that honed my skills and expanded my understanding of the digital branding universe.

"Laurits' time at UNA was transformative. His innovative approach to digital branding and design brought a fresh, dynamic energy to our brand."

Mikkel Karlsen

Founder & CEO