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Designing Bellalucca's

Tuscan Digital Retreat




Art Direction



Bellalucca Mark

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Tuscany, Bellalucca stands out as a Danish-owned venture offering an exclusive selection of rental apartments. My mission extended beyond refreshing their visual identity; it involved constructing a Webflow website that encapsulates the essence of Tuscany's charm.

This project was about creating a digital interface as inviting and captivating as the Tuscan experience itself.

Bellalucca Mockup

The Digital Disconnect

Bellalucca's online persona didn't do justice to their physical charm. The goal was clear:

The website needed to be a digital doorway that welcomed visitors into the Tuscan experience from the moment they landed on the homepage.

Bellalucca Mockup
Bellalucca Old Logo

Designing the Path

Understanding the traveler's mindset was key. I took the time to listen to potential guests, gathering insights that shaped a website designed to meet their needs for a dream vacation with just a few clicks.

I selected Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro for body copy, a font renowned for its clarity and versatility, ensuring information was easily digestible. For headlines, Gambetta Italic was chosen for its elegant and expressive serifs, evoking a sense of Italian heritage and sophistication.

Bellalucca Color Choice
Bellalucca Typography

A Window to Tuscany's Soul

I creatively fused these two typographic styles in headlines, blending serif and sans-serif elements. This mix not only brought a contemporary edge but also reflected the blend of traditional charm and modern comforts that Bellalucca offers.

Equally important was the brand's visual tone. I shifted the color palette from an unappealing green to a warm, inviting yellow. 🍊 This color not only resonates with the sun-kissed landscapes of Tuscany but also mirrors the warmth and welcoming nature of Bellalucca's hospitality, aligning perfectly with the brand's essence.

Bellalucca Content
Bellalucca content

Weaving the StoryBrand Framework

In refining the project, the StoryBrand framework played a pivotal role. Bellalucca's story unfolded as follows:

Character: The website visitor, envisioning an ideal Tuscan getaway.
Problem: The challenge of finding authentic, comfortable, and unique accommodation.
Guide: Bellalucca, emerging as a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide.
Plan: Showcasing a curated selection of properties, each with its unique charm and appeal. Call to Action: Inviting visitors to book their stay, enticing them with the promise of an unforgettable experience. Define what's at stake: Painting a picture of the idyllic holiday experience Bellalucca offers (success) versus the missed opportunity of a less-than-perfect stay (failure).

Bellalucca Mockup

Crafting a Dynamic CMS in Webflow

At the heart of the project was the creation of a dynamic CMS in Webflow. Just as the guide in a story provides tools to the hero, this CMS served as an empowering tool for Bellalucca's owner, providing the means to effortlessly manage and showcase a diverse collection of apartments.

It was a transformative element, aligning perfectly with the brand's ethos of simplicity and elegance.

Bellalucca Webflow
Bellalucca Mockup
Bellalucca Mockup

A Story That Continues

The journey with Bellalucca culminated in a harmonious blend of storytelling and functionality. By revitalizing their brand identity and developing a new website on Webflow, we not only enhanced the visual appeal but also streamlined the user experience.

The website, equipped with an intuitive CMS, allows Bellalucca to effortlessly add to their enchanting properties, continuing their story with each new visitor.

Bellalucca Mockup

"Laurits transformed our vision into a digital experience that captures the essence of Bellalucca! We're thrilled with the result."

Steen Nielsen