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Crafting a harmonious digital

presence for a maestro

Crafting a harmonious digital presence for a maestro




Art Direction



Phillip Faber Mockup

A digital representation tailored to showcase Danish composer, conductor, and musical personality, Phillip Faber's unique brand identity and achievements.

My role was to embark on crafting a web presence that mirrors the elegance of his music.This case study explores the creation of a unique digital platform aimed at showcasing his talents and connecting with his audience.

Phillip Faber
Phillip Faber Piano
Phillip Faber Businesscards


The mission was to build an online space that not only highlighted Phillip's illustrious career but also catered to his diverse audience.

From avid fans to industry collaborators, the website needed to be a central hub for all things.

Phillip Faber


To translate Phillip Faber's musical artistry into a digital experience. The challenge was to reflect his rich artistic journey in a medium that resonated with both his dedicated followers and new audiences. It was essential to capture the essence of his work in music and theater in a user-friendly, engaging online platform.

Balancing artistic flair with functionality posed a unique challenge, requiring a design as dynamic and nuanced as his compositions.

Phillip Faber Mockup
Phillip Faber Mockup
Phillip Faber Mockup


Embracing a Design Thinking framework, I initiated a process focused on user-centricity and iterative development


I immersed myself in Phillip's music, attending concerts, and even attempting (and failing) to hum his tunes. Understanding his audience was key, from devoted followers to those who just Googled him after reading this.


The mission was defined: "Create a digital platform that not only showcases Phillip's journey but also plays a tune that every visitor wants to waltz to."


I brainstormed, sketched, and even dreamed in musical notations. Ideas ranged from conventional to "are you sure this is for a website and not a Broadway show?"


Prototypes varied from minimalist designs (think modern art where you go, "I get it but do I really?") to interactive ones that almost burst into song.


A mix of Phillip's fans, industry experts, and a few friends (for moral support) provided feedback, guiding the refinement of the prototypes.

Phillip Faber Mockup


The final website struck a chord between elegance and functionality:Visual Harmony: The design was a blend of sophisticated aesthetics with user-friendly functionalities, resembling an elegant dance of musical notes across the screen.

Interactive Elements: From a timeline that needed more than just reading glasses to an interactive 404 page where users could play a virtual piano, the website transformed users from spectators to performers.

In the end, the website became a virtual stage for Phillip Faber, resonating with his audience's digital heartbeat. It stood as a testament to my belief that design, like music, can connect hearts and souls, even if it occasionally needs a page refresh.

Phillip Faber
Phillip Faber Mockup
Phillip Faber Mockup

"When it comes to creating a website that reflects my musical style and connects with my fans, Laurits knew how to strike the right chord!”

Phillip Faber

Phillip Faber

Condoctor & Composer